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Injuries and pain

2017 has been a banner year for my family with injuries, broken bones, and visits to the urgent care. Just this year we have had- A broken collar bone and subsequent surgery (16 year old, skiing through obstacles… didn’t work out as planned) Second degree burns on two legs (15 year old, riding a motorcycle,… Read More Injuries and pain

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A new stage of motherhood

I love being a mom. I have loved all of the phases of motherhood. I haven’t always been a good mom (sometimes I’ve been pretty awful), but I have always loved my kids. Motherhood- phase 1 Babies I loved my babies. I loved smelling them and feeling their soft skin. I loved nursing them and… Read More A new stage of motherhood


What’s for breakfast?

April 07, 2017 I LOVE breakfast. I wake up hungry. No… starving.My husband thinks I’m crazy. He would not even dream of eating breakfast before 10 am, but then technically, it’s not even breakfast, it’s brunch.My ten year old son takes after me. He is so concerned with the meal the following morning, that he… Read More What’s for breakfast?