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I don’t read books

I enjoy reading… or at least I think I do. I can’t really remember the last time I had uninterrupted time to read.

…Wait, I do remember, it was nine years ago, after the birth of my sixth child. My sister told me about this great book series, called “Twilight.” I am not ashamed to admit that I loved reading all four books. I had a lots of time to nurse, so while I nursed, I read.

I got so engrossed in the books, that I gave up doing laundry, cleaning house and making meals, for a few days (maybe longer). I repeated this unavailable mom/homemaker behavior each time I read the next book. The kids would often find me hiding in their rooms and reading on their bed. It was fun. I felt like a kid, caught up in a good story.

I had a few more kids and a few more years went by without reading. Day after day, I stayed very busy taking care of my big kids, toddlers and babies. I was constantly doing lots of laundry (for real, like multiple loads per day- every single day), grocery shopping, helping with homework, and making dinner. There just didn’t seem to be time for me to read books anymore.

Fortunately, for the past 18 years, I have had little ones that like it when I read them books at bedtime. We go to the library nearly every week and check out a pile of books. At night, I pick a few books and the kids curl up next to me and listen to me read. One by one, they have all learned how to read. Now all I have left is one little six-year-old, who is dangerously close to reading all by herself.

Sometimes my big ones read with my little ones, and I get totally left out!

Now that all of my kids are in school, one might assume that I have plenty of time to sit and read books. I suppose I do, but not enough to sit and read all day. Even without any kids at home, my day is still filled with laundry, dishes, working out, eventually showering, shopping and making meals. None of those activities lend themselves to reading…or so I thought.

Then I remembered that I have this app on my phone that lets me listen to books. I can download and listen to a book while I do almost every one of my daily tasks (except for shopping, that would be a little weird). I decided try it, to see if I liked listening to books.

Oh. my. goodness. I love it!


I listen to books while I do the dishes, while I’m folding laundry, while I’m making dinner, when I’m driving in my car, when I’m on a long run or picking up the house. I don’t like to jump around, so I only listen to one book at a time. I like variety, so I don’t stick to one topic. Here’s what I have already listened to in the past six months;

Image result for boys in the boat
Historical and inspirational









Image result for big little lies book
Dark and mysterious
Image result for mating in captivity
Understanding intimacy
Image result for man called ove image
Tender and funny
Image result for the subtle art of not giving a f*ck
Motivational and inspiring
Image result for shoe dog book
Interesting biography
Image result for journey of souls
Study of life after death (but I’ll be honest, I couldn’t get through the whole book- just not my thing)
Image result for born a crime
Very funny
Image result for the handmaid's tale book
Disturbing, so disturbing
Image result for the butterfly effect audible
Understand the influence of pornography, wow
Image result for carry on warrior
Inspirational blogger
Image result for before we were yours
Heart wrenching historical fiction
Related image
Understanding smart kids and education
Image result for under the banner of heaven
Disturbing religious practices
Image result for alexander hamilton book
Biography, but I didn’t finish it (it’s really long)- I saw the musical instead
Image result for braving the wilderness
I am currently listening to this book. It is inspirational and amazing

Now books are part of my daily life. I grow, I learn, I laugh, and I cry, all while I’m doing house work.

Do you have any recommendations for me?


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  1. LOVE your list. Some I’ve read, some I haven’t. Other personal favorites (mostly non-fiction historical): “Undaunted Courage” about the Lewis & Clark expedition;”Unbroken” about Olympian and prisoner of war, Louis Zamperini; and anything by Malcom Gladwell!

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