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Accidental blogger

I accidentally got a job.

I know normally, getting a job is not something that happens accidentally, but my life is not very normal.

It all started when my husband and I went to dinner with some new friends. As we got to know each other, my friend (Jennie Sue), encouraged me to start a blog. She told me that my life experiences were very interesting and unique and that blogging would be a great way to share those stories with others. I wasn’t sure if ‘others’ would find my experiences fascinating, but I decided to blog anyway. I loved the idea of documenting and sharing my insights, my joys, and my struggles. I loved the creativity and challenge of writing.

My blog only had one hang-up. I didn’t know what to name it. I thought about using a play on words (my last name is Flake, so…), but I settled on the word “metamorphosis”. I couldn’t think of a better word to describe the life-altering growth that had occurred in my life over the past two years.  I was experiencing so many new things for the first time, and I wanted to write about all of it. Each new experience seemed so amazing to me, and so I decided to call my blog, ‘my amazing metamorphosis’.

In between laundry and cooking, I would write down my thoughts and then come back to revise them the next day, or days. I didn’t ask for anyone’s opinion or editing skills (although my husband is an excellent writer), I wanted this blog to be just me.

Several months later, Jennie Sue invited me to a charity event. I never turn down the opportunity to dress up, wear a mask, and donate to charity, so I gladly accepted.


At the event, Jennie Sue introduced me to another masked woman named Jennifer. We got talking and she told me all about her job at Idaho Education News. I didn’t think much of the conversation (the wine and the live auction were very distracting), until a week later when the two of them invited me to meet them for coffee.

I showed up in my running clothes, after dropping off my kids at school, and we had a fascinating conversation. We talked about schools, teachers, testing, bullies, taxes, big schools, little schools, home school and politics. I found it all so interesting. Then, Jennifer asked me if I would be willing to blog for Idaho Education News (or Ed News). I loved blogging, so blogging about education seemed like a great fit. I wasn’t sure if my writing would be good enough, or if I would have enough time, but I decided to give it a try. They sent a photographer to my house to take pictures (minus my oldest, he was busy at college), and I officially started my job.

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I have been blogging for about a month now, and I love it. I have been able to learn more about schools, teachers, taxes, testing, success rates, and politics. I have been able to talk with other parents and policy makers about education. I have been able to get more involved. Blogging about education has opened my eyes to all of the things that we, as parents, can do to improve education.

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  1. We were destined to meet. And you were destined to share your journey with others so they might be enlightened, inspired, encouraged and more curious! I love what you’re doing Melanie.

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