99 First dates

Growing up Mormon, my biggest goal in life was to get married to the perfect guy (and then have the perfect family). I was (and still am) a very organized and logical girl, so I made a plan;

Date 100 different guys

This didn’t mean that I was serious with any of them. In fact, most of the dates I went on were double dates that were just for fun. My girlfriends and I planned a lot of our dates. Guys asked me out and I asked guys out. I went out with guys that were surfers, nerds, overweight, handsome, not-so-handsome, athletic, tall, short, outgoing, shy, older, younger, foreigners, and even a few non-Mormons.  I wanted to know what was out there. I wanted to make sure I knew what I wanted before chose a husband.

I didn’t start dating until I was 16 (a Mormon rule), and then it was almost always a double date, until I was 18 (another Mormon rule).  Most of my dates were not serious or romantic. I didn’t even have my first kiss until I was 18 and had dated over 50 guys. The dates I went on were never dinner and a movie, they were more creative and less expensive.  Some of the dates were scavenger hunts, sporting events, game nights, cooking, school dances, bonfires on the beach, sand volleyball, coloring in the park, and parties. I learned a lot about guys and a lot about myself.

But, I didn’t make it. My husband was number 99. I knew right when I saw him that he was the best guy I had ever met. He was handsome, smart, tall, strong, funny, outgoing and very Mormon. He was Mormon royalty. He was very successful and an outstanding leader on his mission. His father was a mission president and he was the oldest of 11 children. His ancestors had come across the plains with the pioneers. I was just a second generation Mormon, so I was marrying up.

When I found out that he wanted to have a dozen children, I knew he was the one for me.