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Parenting Conversations

Parenting is really fun, but also very challenging. One of the most challenging things, is figuring out how to teach my kids all of the important information that they need to know to be happy, successful, well-adjusted adults. I compiled a short list of the basic conversations that I have had (or still need to… Read More Parenting Conversations


Facing Fear

My family likes to ski. It’s how we enjoy the winter and get our exercise. Everyone has learned to ski quite well… except my youngest. I have been trying to teach her to ski since she was three (two winters ago). At first, she wasn’t very good because she lacked stamina. Her tiny muscles weren’t… Read More Facing Fear


20 years

Twenty years ago, I got married to my favorite person. It was a bitter cold day in Saint Louis, but I wasn’t cold at all. I was madly in love. The first time I saw Joel, was at church. Everything about him was impressive. I could hardly wait for the meeting to be over, so… Read More 20 years


Winter noodle soup

It’s cold. It’s winter. Soup is good. After eating waaay too many sugar cookies, gingerbread, and candy, I decided to make soup. This is our families favorite… and I imagine it’s going to be your favorite too. I promise. It is easy, it is hearty, and you probably already have most of the ingredients. So… Read More Winter noodle soup

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Real friendships

My husband comes from a very large Mormon family (he has 84 first cousins- just on his dad’s side). They are like a giant group of friends that love each other and enjoy getting together. I worked very hard to get to know them and they¬†made me feel like a part of the family. Over… Read More Real friendships

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Injuries and pain

2017 has been a banner year for my family with injuries, broken bones, and visits to the urgent care. Just this year we have had- A broken collar bone and subsequent surgery (16 year old, skiing through obstacles… didn’t work out as planned) Second degree burns on two legs (15 year old, riding a motorcycle,… Read More Injuries and pain

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I don’t read books

I enjoy reading… or at least I think I do. I can’t really remember the last time I had uninterrupted time to read. …Wait, I do remember, it was nine years ago, after the birth of my sixth child. My sister told me about this great book series, called “Twilight.” I am not ashamed to… Read More I don’t read books

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Accidental blogger

I accidentally got a job. I know normally, getting a job is not something that happens accidentally, but my life is not very normal. It all started when my husband and I went to dinner with some new friends. As we got to know each other, my friend (Jennie Sue), encouraged me to start a… Read More Accidental blogger

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Almost a perfect house

My husband and I love designing and building homes. We built our first home shortly after we moved to Idaho. We didn’t have a lot of money or very many kids (at the time), but we knew what kind of house we wanted to build. We picked a small town outside of Boise (mostly because… Read More Almost a perfect house

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I have always wanted to be everyone’s friend. I have worked hard to make friends and to build meaningful friendships. For twelve years, I lived in a small town. I thought¬†that I had made great friendships. I cared about them and I thought they cared about me. Then, a girlfriend asked me to help her… Read More Friends?